AB45 Signed

Update! AB45 signed into law: On October 6th, Governor Newsom signed AB45 into law and due to its emergency provision, the law becomes effective immediately.

The Hemp Roundtable, main supporter and contributer to AB45, published an overview of the bill which finds them congratulating and distancing themselves for and from the many confusing and unworkable provisions of the bill, often stating that these issues will be worked out as the Department of Public Health (CDPH) promulgates the statute into regulations that will oversee the industry. Please scroll through the link below to read their overview. https://hempsupporter.com/assets/uploads/AB-45-Summary-of-Provisions-and-Regs.pdf

While placing the industry’s future in the hands of the CDPH is concerning due to their historic anti-CBD stance, the best antidote for all who intend to continue to be a part of California’s hemp industry is to get involved.

  1. Attend the IHAP (California’s Industrial Hemp Advisory Board) meeting on October 14th. https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/plant/industrialhemp/docs/agendas/2021/20211014_ihab_notice_and_agenda.pdf
  2. Contact Assemblywoman Aguiar-Curry who plans to sponsor new legislation to address inhalables, including a tax on these products. https://services.statescape.com/LegislatorInfo/Legislator.aspx?id=14419
  3. Follow the progress of and make comments to CDPH as they develop their regulations.
  4. Visit Stop AB-45 periodically as we plan to help you keep abreast of this continuing saga as we move forward in the new year together as hemp farmers and producers.

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