AB45 on Governor’s desk

The LAST CALL Update: As of September 17th, AB-45 is on the Governor’s desk to be signed. This could happen any day now.

It is time to contact the Governor if you have not done so yet! Call him at (916) 445-2841 now!

Also, go to: https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail to fill out the online contact for the Governor.

We recommend asking the Governor to line veto Section 111921.6.(a)

If he did this, it would allow manufacturers/farmers to sell their “inhalable products” this year in California.

Stopab45.com has a short survey to help us understand the impact that this soon to become law will have on farmers and businesses throughout California and will help us determine next steps. Please consider visting the site and filling out the survey.

CDFA’s Industrial Hemp Advisory Board meets regularly and they need to hear from you about the impacts this bill will have on you as well as ongoing changes this board initiates with respect to hemp farming in California. It is easier than ever to participate now remotely. Visit this link for meeting information:


Thank you for all of your help and participation.

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