AB45 Update

As of today, Wednesday, September 1st, AB45 has not yet been heard on the floor. As far as we know, there have been amendments made to the bill that removed the smokable flower ban, HOWEVER, there appear to be provisions that are “phased” in, which could mean a taxation scheme or other concerning changes. It appears as though the bill will be heard on the Senate Floor next Wednesday, September 8th and would then move rapidly through the Assembly as all bills must be completed and approved by both the Senate and the Assembly by September 10th. It is still URGENT to continue to voice concerns to your representatives, both Senators and Assemblymembers, through letters and phone calls.

Help get the word out to other farmer’s, businesses and friends of CBD about AB-45 and urge them to call their representatives. Visit stopab45.com and the Outreach Tools page for printable cards and a photo to post on Social Media. Together we are making a difference!

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