AB45 Update 9/3/21

Update: As of today, Friday, September 3rd, AB45 has been amended and printed. Please click on the Read the bill button below to read the new amended version. We will be considering the changes carefully to determine next steps and will be updating the website as we learn more. At first read, the smokable flower ban has been removed but Section 111921.6. (a) reads: “Manufacture or sale of inhalable products is prohibited. Manufacture of inhalable products for the sole purpose of sale in other states is not prohibited.” AND (b) This section shall become inoperative and is repealed on the effective date of a measure passed by the Legislature that establishes a tax on inhalable products and states the intent of the Legislature to fulfill the requirements of this section.” We believe the bill will be heard on the Senate Floor next Wednesday, September 8th and would then move rapidly through the Assembly as all bills must be completed and approved by both the Senate and the Assembly by September 10th. It is URGENT to continue to voice our concerns to our representatives, to both Senators and Assemblymembers, through letters and phone calls.

Please visit stopab45.com for updates, contacts for your representatives and help in creating your comments and letters.

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