Call and write your Senator and Assembly

Note:  If you are in the business of growing/selling/retailing smokable hemp flower or producing/selling/retailing products from smokable hemp flower, you are at risk of becoming criminalized with the passage of this bill.

In order to save CBD hemp in California, we need calls and letters to get to your State Senator and State Assembly members starting TODAY. 

CALL and WRITE to both your State Senator and State Assembly Members to ask him or her to oppose this bill. 

It is very important to sign your letter. You may email and/or fax your letter.

You can find out who your state legislators are here:  

The following link will supply you with complete contact information for both Senators and Assemblymembers, including fax numbers, addresses and websites .

In addition to your own Senator and Assembly member, consider contacting and/or copying your letters to:

Sponsor and Author of AB45 is Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar Curry ( ) from District 4 – she represents Napa, Lake, Yolo, Sonoma, Colusa and Solano counties:

Chair of Agriculture Committee: Senator Andreas Borgeas who represents the 8th Senate District (Fresno) is open to hearing from farmers:

Senator Toni Atkins is the Senate President and can kill the bill whenever she wants. She represents San Diego and is sensitive to the needs of farmers:

Using the format suggested below will ensure that it will be processed accurately and your voice will be heard. Please feel free to elaborate but keep your comments to one page. Remember to always be respectful.  Thank You!


Date, 2021

The Honorable (INSERT NAME HERE)



Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: AB 45 (Aguiar-Curry): Hemp-derived CBD Products:  OPPOSED

Dear Senator :

I am writing to inform you of my OPPOSITION to AB45.

Insert a brief paragraph about you, your business and how it will be affected by a ban (see talking points below).  

Insert a brief paragraph about how a ban will adversely affect the future of hemp farming in California (see talking points below).

Insert a brief reiteration of your opposition to the bill and ask for their help in keeping industrial hemp alive in California.

Thank you,

Signature-be sure to sign your letter!  Scan a signed letter or use an electronic signature.


Business name


Business logo (if you have one)